Pesto turnip noodles with broccoli and poached egg

Let me give you a disclaimer before describing this dish. Before making this meal: I have never made pesto, I have never cooked with turnips, and I have never poached an egg.  I can now say I’ve done all 3, and will definitely be making this meal again!


I used:
1 small head of broccoli
1 turnip, peeled and spiralized using thin noodle blade
Basil leaves
1 tbsp pine nuts
Olive oil
1 egg
Crushed red pepper flakes

So, in her Inspiralized recipe, she makes turnip rice after spiralizing the turnip. I wasn’t in the mood for rice, so I used 4 inch ish length noodles. I also cooked my broccoli in a pan instead of steaming, I prefer a crisper texture.  I was only cooking for myself tonight, so I adjusted the amount if ingredients in the Inspiralized recipe. If (when) I make this for Dan and I, I will definitely add some chicken.  All of that being said, this was insanely delicious.

Pesto turnip and broccoli rice with poached egg


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